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Gdańsk – seaside city in Poland with history spanning over a 1000 years. History of trade, history of science, history of different cultures and history of freedom. Here the largest freedom movement Solidarność was established, which changed the history of Poland, Europe and the World. Even now, Gdańsk has strong influence on the course of action in Poland and Europe.

Nowadays, Gdańsk is a modern and constantly developing city. Due to presence of international airport, Gdańsk is very well connected to all major cities in Europe, which makes it easily accessible. It is a great tourist destination with numerous historical monuments, many picturesque beaches, parks and forests. Moreover, here the ancient Amber Road had its beginning. Now, Gdańsk is the World Capital of Amber with local jewelery shops scattered around the Old Town.

Gdańsk is also one of the most important science center in Poland and one of the major science center in Europe. Currently the three largest Universities in Gdańsk (Gdańsk University of Technology (Gdańsk Tech), the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk) are joining forces to create Fahrenheit Union of Universities. Together Gdańsk Universities should be listed among TOP500 best world universities. The name of the Fahrenheit University is not accidental, because it was in Gdańsk where the physicist and engineer Daniel Fahrenheit was born.

More information about tourist attractions of Gdańsk can be found:

Gdańsk Tech

Gdańsk Tech is one of the oldest state universities in Poland, which was established in 1899 by the decision of Emperor Wilhelm II. To this day, the most representative building is the Main Building, with a facade referring to the architecture of Gdańsk – one of the most beautiful in Europe. About 600 people studied at the University during its first years – today over 15,000 students. They can pursue their passions at eight faculties, with a selection of 37 fields of study available for first and second-cycle studies. Moreover, Gdańsk Tech is one of the ten Polish universities listed in the prestigious Shanghai Ranking (TOP800), classifying the best universities globally.Gdańsk Tech is also listed in the QS Ranking (TOP1000) and the THE Ranking (TOP1200).

In 2017, the European Commission granted Gdańsk Tech the right to use the prestigious HR Excellence in Research logo. Gdańsk Tech was thus recognized as an institution that creates some of the best working and development conditions for researchers in Europe.

Gdańsk Tech is the second-best research university in Poland in the ‘Initiative of Excellence – Research University’ competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It is here where inventions used in Poland and around the world are created – communication with the use of eyes, an ecological medicine for osteoporosis, biodegradable materials and many more. The year 2020 brought one of the most important events in the academic history of Gdańsk – the creation of the Daniel Fahrenheit Union of Universities, consisting of Gdańsk Tech, the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk. Its goal is to jointly build the leading position of Gdańsk as an academic center in Poland and abroad. The idea of joint activities is to strengthen relations with industry and business, build the economic strength of Pomerania, help in solving the social problems of the region and encourage the most talented high school graduates and young scientists to choose Gdańsk as a suitable place to study and build a professional career.

Gmach Glówny
Dziedziniec Fahrenheita
Dziedziniec Heweliusza
Gmach Główny

More information about Gdańsk Tech can be found: (campus map) – EATA2023 will take place in the Main Building (no 1 on the campus map)

Gdańsk University of Technology (brochure in pdf format, 23 pages)
Gdańsk University of Technology, Research University (brochure in pdf format, 50 pages)
Gdańsk University of Technology, A short guide to historic places (brochure in pdf format, 6 pages)


Detailed instructions on how to use public transport in Gdańsk

EATA2023 venue maps (Gdańsk Tech)


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