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We greatly appreciate support from our generous sponsors. Make sure to meet them during EATA2023 conference. If you are interested in sponsoring the EATA2023 conference, please contact us.



CONTROLS is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction materials testing equipment. Meticulously designed, our equipment helps you deliver the most accurate and reliable testing results possible, transforming your testing laboratory and helping you to achieve your full potential. With over 50 years of specialist industry knowledge, a global presence and an extensive network of trained distributors means we are a partner you can trust.

The Polish Association of Transport Engineers & Technicians of the Republic of Poland (abbreviated as SITK) is a scientific and technical organization with non-profit goals, working for the benefit of infrastructure and transport industry, and for the benefit of its members. SITK was established on May 24, 1946 in Warsaw, Poland. It has legal personality and is entered in the register of associations and the register of entrepreneurs. Operating for over 75 years, it currently has over 5,000 members – engineers, scientists and managers of broadly understood transport. As the oldest organization in Poland representing the infrastructure and transport industry, SITK participates in issuing opinions on all government regulations and law for this industry. SITK also participates in the development of all national and local plans and strategic programs for the construction of infrastructure. With many experts among members, SITK prepares technical expertise, opinions and analyses. SITK also publishes three scientific and technical magazines and organizes national and international conferences and training seminars for its members and the whole community.

The International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM, from the name in French) was founded in June 1947, with the aim to promote scientific cooperation in the area of construction materials and structures. Today, the new meaning of the acronym RILEM (Réunion Internationale des Laboratoires et Experts des Matériaux, systèmes de construction et ouvrages) emphasises its dominant focus on people as well as its worldwide activities, covering 90 countries. The mission of the association is to advance free-access scientific knowledge related to construction materials, systems and structures and to encourage transfer and application of this knowledge world-wide.

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